Cosmetic Dental Care Can Revitalize Your Smile

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Have you found yourself reluctant to smile, laugh, or do anything that might show your teeth? Your smile is a window, showing how you feel on the inside and allowing you to live your life to its fullest extent. A beautiful smile looks good on everyone!

As a cosmetic dentist in Gresham, Dr. Jeremy Archibald understands what a healthy, great-looking smile can mean for your self-confidence and self-esteem. If your smile has cracked, discolored, uneven, or chipped teeth, you will benefit from cosmetic dental procedures. You deserve to have a smile you love!

Dr. Archibald offers a variety of cosmetic dental care treatments designed to brighten your smile and fix those concerns you notice when you see your smile in pictures or look in the mirror.

Dental Bonding

Dental bonding offers patients a conservative and cost-effective option for repairing chipped, discolored, fractured, or decayed teeth. Bonding is an ideal solution for those looking to alter the cosmetic appearance of their smiles in as few as a single visit.

Bonding refers to the application of a tooth-colored composite resin material to the surface of a patient’s teeth. Dr. Archibald can then sculpt, shape, and polish the material to match the ideal length, shape, and contour patients desire for their smile. Composite resin can become indistinguishable from the appearance of healthy dental enamel. Frequently, Dr. Archibald uses dental bonding to easily cover and lighten discolored teeth, close the space between two teeth, make teeth appear longer, and change the shape of a tooth.

Most excitingly, Dr. Archibald can complete dental bonding treatments in just one appointment. This allows patients to immediately achieve the smile they’ve been dreaming of.

Dental Veneers

Dental veneers are incredibly thin shells of highly durable porcelain that Dr. Archibald bonds to perfectly fit over a patient’s teeth. Veneers are an excellent option for repairing teeth that are misaligned, discolored, chipped, cracked, damaged by decay, rotated or uneven.

Placing dental veneers will require multiple visits with Dr. Archibald, our cosmetic dentist in Gresham.

During a patient’s first appointment, Dr. Archibald will conduct a full oral examination to determine the status of your oral health. Impressions will be made of your teeth, photographs taken, and a treatment plan developed between Dr. Archibald and his talented lab technicians to optimize your smile.  After your future smile is mocked up and approved by you, an appointment will be scheduled to prepare your teeth for the placement of veneers. Dr. Archibald will remove a minuscule amount of the enamel from each of the teeth that will be covered by the veneers. This will create enough space for the veneers to fit comfortably and beautifully on your teeth. Once the teeth have been prepared, Dr. Archibald will make an impression of your teeth so that a set of veneers can be custom-made. You will leave the office with durable and esthetic provisional restorations while your porcelain veneers are being fabricated at the lab. When the veneers are ready, Dr. Archibald will place them on your teeth and adhesively bond them into position. The result, beautiful, long lasting and healthy-looking teeth that blend seamlessly into a patient’s natural smile.

See What a Cosmetic Dentist in Gresham Can Do for You

Why wait to get the healthier, better-looking smile you’ve been wanting? With dental bonding and dental veneers, Dr. Archibald offers two affordable options for altering the shape and color of your teeth that can fit into nearly any budget.

Don’t let a smile that features crooked, crowded, or misaligned teeth rob you of the confidence needed to achieve your goals. Contact our office today to schedule a cosmetic consultation with Dr. Archibald and start the process of reclaiming your smile.