Prevention & Health

Prevention & Health

As a family dentist in Gresham, Oregon, Dr. Archibald understands that for many patients, their oral health not only relates to the strength of their teeth and gums.

A healthy body needs a healthy mouth.

The mouth is a critical and important link to the rest of your body.  A growing body of research is exploring the connection between good oral health and good general health.  Researchers are discovering that the unhealthy bacteria in our mouth, especially the bacteria that causes gum diseases like gingivitis and periodontitis creates inflammation, which likely has a significant impact on other health problems like cardiovascular disease, stroke, diabetes, pre-term/low-birthweight babies, Alzheimer's disease and diseases caused by bacteria, viruses and fungi. 

Regular visits to a dentist and regular professional “cleanings” will allow quicker identification of the disease process and allow you to work with us to reduce the risks of gum disease affecting your health.


It’s Not Just A Cleaning!

When you visit Dr. Jeremy Archibald in Gresham, your examination and hygiene appointment will include:

  • blood pressure screening
  • exam of head , neck and mouth for signs of oral cancer
  • periodic x-rays to help the doctor see inside of your teeth and under your gums
  • screening for signs of gum disease and the presence of inflammation
  • evaluation of the condition and health of your teeth and previously placed fillings/restorations
  • recommendations for missing, worn and broken teeth
  • removing the inflammation causing bacteria found in plaque and deposits of calculus (tartar) from the teeth
  • polishing to remove stains
  • fluoride treatment to strengthen weakened enamel
  • education centered on helping you improve and maintain good oral health

Since 2006, Dr. Archibald and his team have worked hard to help maintain and improve the oral health of patients of all ages.  As a family dental care provider, we look forward to assisting everyone in your family with better oral health. We happily and gently provide care for children, grandparents and everyone in-between.