Family Dentistry

Family Dentistry

Since 2006, Dr. Archibald and the rest of his team have worked hard to help maintain and improve the smiles of patients of all ages. As a family dentistry in Gresham provider, Dr. Archibald specializes in providing advanced oral health treatments that range from a child's first appointment all the way to senior dental care.

Children's Dental Care

Your oral health matters at every stage of your life. The earlier dental care begins, the healthier a foundation a child has to build from. That's why both Dr. Archibald and the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry recommend that parents start scheduling dental appointments for their kids starting shortly after their first tooth emerges or by the age of 1.

Early visits will provide Dr. Archibald the chance to monitor a child's oral health development. Tooth decay starts attacking the health of a child's teeth from the moment they first emerge. If tooth decay badly impacts the health of a child's baby teeth, it can permanently alter their smiles. Regular dental care, even early in life, can help minimize the effects of decay, so a child's smile continues to look its best for a lifetime.

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