Dr. Jeremy Archibald and his team work hard to create a comfortable and relaxing office environment where the comfort and care of our patients always come first.

For new patients, we invite you to read for yourself what our patients have to say about their experiences with Dr. Archibald. For current patients, we please ask that you take a minute to leave your own review about what makes visiting our Gresham Oregon dental office such a positive and rewarding experience.

Andee *. Avatar

I felt very valued as a patient and comfortable with all aspects of my care. Dr Archibald put me at ease, listed my options for me, then let me make the decision for my care.

Andee *. 7/26/2022
Joe S. Avatar

5 star rating Dr Archibalds attention to detail & precision is incredible. I had a root canal done almost ten years ago there and the tooth is still good & healthy today. He has done several fillings for me & the process is as good as it could be (I mean we are talking fillings here). Scheduling & billing are always so accommodating as well. I couldn't say enough great things about my experiences here, other than I never need to look for a good dentist again.

Joe S. 6/08/2022
Peggy Avatar

Always super clean and professional. I trust everyone's judgment and recommendations.

Peggy 1/21/2022
B J. Avatar

I’ve had 5 dentists in my 40 years, and Dr Archibald is the best I’ve had. He explains everything completely, takes time to make sure you understand, and is very skilled at his craft. His office staff and hygienists are also top notch. I would recommend Jeremy Archibald to people I care about for sure.

B J. 11/14/2021
Casey B. Avatar

The staff was incredibly friendly. Well mannered and sympathetic with the problems I was experiencing. It was a dental emergency and although I made it in fairly late in the day and they didn’t have time to complete the necessary procedure I required. They performed a smaller procedure that relieved me of all my pain. I couldn’t recommend this place more.

Casey B. 11/10/2021
Ashley R. Avatar

I can’t say enough about Dr. Archibald and his office! I have a lot of general anxiety, as well as emetophobia, so I had avoided the dentist for quite a while and was worried about being judged for that. Dr. Archibald, Kari, and Sara are the kindest people. I had to have a handful of cavities filled, and it was a very smooth process. The little things like Sara greeting you by name or Kari chatting like a friend really add up, and make a less-than-fun visit more relaxing and inviting. Will definitely be a longtime patient.

Ashley R. 6/24/2021
Dennis R. Avatar

The best experience at the dentist, Archibald and his team are the best.

Dennis R. 3/12/2021
Andy T. Avatar

Jeremy Archibald and his team are patient, understanding, friendly, and have always done their best to do painless dental work with me and my family. Highly recommend!

Andy T. 1/28/2021
Jessica M. Avatar

I have a huge fear of going to the dentist and needed a lot of work done, but Dr. Archibald and his staff have been amazing. I highly recommend this place, especially if you have anxiety about dentists. I truly appreciated how Dr. Archibald gave me a detailed plan of what he suggested, was upfront about the costs and what wasn't covered by insurance; I did not feel pressured in any way. This will be our go to dentist for our entire family!

Jessica M. 11/16/2020
Nathaniel B. Avatar

Absolutely not exaggerating, this dude removed my wisdom tooth in under 2 minutes (not including numbing and x rays) with absolutely no pain. He's a tooth wizard, give him your money.

Nathaniel B. 8/18/2020
Michelle G. Avatar

Very nice staff. Dr. Archibald was so attentive. You can tell he likes his profession. We moved from out of state and he excepted us as new clients. We have found our permanent dentist. Loved our experience.

Michelle G. 7/24/2020
Kristine M. Avatar

Dr. Archibald was FANTASTIC with my daughter who hates going to the dentist. She tends to gag, throw up, and generally be uncomfortable/overly sensitive. He listened to her concerns and then proceeded to clean her teeth with care. She came home and for the first time EVER had a great dental experience. Note that she's 22 years old. THANK YOU, Dr. Archibald!

Kristine M. 5/14/2020
Brad H. Avatar

This office has an extremely knowledgeable/friendly dentist and team of assistants, everything is clearly explained and I know my dental needs are being fully met

Brad H. 5/12/2020
Stephanie G. Avatar

Everyone was wonderful. I am not sure I have ever felt more comfortable at a dentist. Dr. Archibald is very personable and knowledgeable. I would highly recommend this dentist. :):):)

Stephanie G. 3/19/2020
Veggie L. Avatar

5 star rating Front face and centered...Sarah takes care of us like long time patients. She is very warm and welcoming, and easy to talk to. Scheduling, billing, and emergencies are all easy breezy. I'm a very anxious person with two little girls so going to the dentist is not easy for someone like me. Dr. Archibald and his team are very good at communicating (before treatment, during procedure, and aftercare), and giving options for treatments. He is very knowledgeable and will take his time explaining alternatives or preventive measures whereas in the past, I have been pressured into the most expensive method for the girls at the other doctor who has "resting bitch face syndrome" in the same building along with the attitude "you're wasting my time... hurry up and make a decision". Dr. Archibald and the whole staff truly made me feel they care about my girls each and every time. I trust him to do his best job each time and trust his advice and opinions completely. My little girls are so comfortable going to the dentist because the doctor and his team make their experience a good one.

Veggie L. 12/11/2019
Bronwyn K. Avatar

5 star rating Can't thank Dr Archibald enough for the wonderful work he did on my teeth! After trying several other dentists in the past few years and being disappointed in the care, service and amount out of pocket!! I'm so happy to have found this office. From Sarah in the front office to the hygienist, assistant and Dr Archibald they all were so friendly and and knowledgeable. Dr Archibald was detail oriented, patient while explaining the work and answering questions and I am so happy with the final look of my teeth. Would highly recommend.

Bronwyn K. 7/24/2019
Cara K. Avatar

Everyone in the office are nice. The staff are great at educating and the dentist is nice too. The office is pretty and clean.

Cara K. 5/10/2019
Cynthia R. Avatar

I am from out of state and had a venere come off a front tooth. Walked in and asked if they could help me. They did a fabulous and professional job. Billed my insurance and found out just what my co pay would be .Very friendly. Did great job on venere too

Cynthia R. 4/03/2019
Sara J. Avatar

I appreciate Dr. Archibald’s gentle and calming bedside manner, especially for my 3 kids. His staff is super friendly and finds time to fit us in, even with our busy schedule. No wonder he continually makes the Top Dentist list for the area – can’t say enough good about him!

Sara J. 2/26/2019
Sydney S. Avatar

Very informative dentist. Dr. Archibald was patient and gentle... I tend to be a bit nervous at the dentist! Also, his staff was nice and friendly, and appreciated them working with my insurance.

Sydney S. 2/26/2019
Robert L. Avatar

Dr Archibald is the best dentist I've ever had. His work is magnificent. His staff and office are top notch.

Robert L. 2/26/2019
Rosy Z. Avatar

Dr. Archibald and his staff are amazing! Staff is welcoming and nice. Dr. Archibald will take the time and care to explain what he is doing and what he recommends (even if you don't need any fillings!). Appointment started right on time and the office even has cool refreshments in the waiting area. I would recommend this dentist to anyone looking for a dentist!

Rosy Z. 10/31/2018
R Z. Avatar

Dr. Archibald and his staff are amazing! Staff is welcoming and nice. Dr. Archibald will take the time and care to explain what he is doing and what he recommends (even if you don't need any fillings!). Appointment started right on time and the office even has cool refreshments in the waiting area. I would recommend this dentist to anyone looking for a dentist!

R Z. 10/31/2018
Rosy Z. Avatar

Dr. Archibald and his staff are amazing! Staff is welcoming and nice. Dr. Archibald will take the time and care to explain what he is doing and what he recommends (even if you don't need any fillings!). Appointment started right on time and the office even has cool refreshments in the waiting area. I would recommend this dentist to anyone looking for a dentist!

Rosy Z. 10/31/2018
Pamela R. Avatar

Love this dentist! Dr Archibald is amazing and actually as much an artist in his work as a classic dentist. I highly recommend him for all kinds of work. He also has solid referrals if you need something outside of his purview. All in the office are personable and highly skilled at their work. The environment is so comfortable when we are often in an uncomfortable state when we go!!

Pamela R. 6/13/2018
Carol D. Avatar

5 star rating I've been going to Dr. Archibald's office since moving to the Portland area over 9 years ago. The staff is really friendly and helpful and they are so good about meeting individual needs. Dr. Archibald is really good at what he does and he takes great care what he does. He and the entire staff are caring and very conscientious. I've been really satisfied and would recommend Dr. Archibald's office highly.

Carol D. 9/08/2017
Junett R. Avatar

5 star rating I had an amazing experience with the Dentist and the staff. They were so professional with the whole work and the best of all they never made me feel uncomfortable with the work they did or the decisions I made. I was having so much pain prior to my visit with them . I had only been there with my daughter also due to the same thing as me. She had a great experience with them last year .I decided to go there even though there were other options around. Being my first time there for my self they took me as soon as possible, they took x-rays and told me what the problem was. Even though I only had 2 options with my problem (root canal or the removal of my tooth) He explained the whole process of both of the 2 and let me know which they thought would be the best one. I went for the removal of my tooth, that was just more of a personal decision. (And of course I did not have dental insurance so it also had to do with some financial situation.) But they never made me feel bad about the decision I took. Always so professional with everything . I forgot to mention that even though they were booked they made time for me. The dentist decided to remove my tooth the following day because he did not want to rush the process of the removal of my tooth. They scheduled me right the next day. He did an amazing job he made sure I did not have any pain at all and did it with out making it a surgical procedure. Thanks to that no stitches at all. Great staff .Such an amazing Dentist ,dental assistant and the young lady at the front desk. I just want to thank you. I just had my tooth removed yesterday at 4 pm and I am feeling great really with very little soreness today. He even sent me home with a prescription and made sure I had his cell phone number in case of an emergency. I hope my experience helps anybody looking for a Great Dentist.

Junett R. 4/27/2017
Gregory F. Avatar

5 star rating When I was a kid my parents took me to a family dentis a couple of times a year. From the time I had my first teet until I left home for school he was the only dentis I knew. Now I've finally found an office that feels like that one. The office staff and Dr. care about me and my teeth. I have been seeing Dr. Archibald for about 4 years and I feel like I am part of the family. I know I can trust him and I know my mouth is being well cared for.

Gregory F. 4/16/2014